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            Single-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

              It applies single-phase 220V power which can work without interruption and suits for small-scale cleaning operation of various sectors. The power density is 0.5w/cm2. It has characteristics of simple use and low cost (each parameter can be customized).

            Main Technical Parameter

            Product Type Ultrasonic Working Frequency Inner Size of Rinse Bath
            (L x W x H) (mm)
            DY-500 20、25、28、38
            (can be chosed)
            DY-600 400x300x180
            DY-1000 600x400x190
            DY-1200 600x400x190
            DY-1500 700x450x200
            DY-2000 800x500x220
            DY-2500 800x550x250
            DY-3000 950x620x300
            DY-5000 1300x750x300




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