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            Double-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine with heating apparatus

              It suits for cleaning oil polluted parts especially oil removal cleaning of work piece with its cleaning solution heating and oil slick filter collecting system. The ultrasonic power is from 1000W to 3000W and the electric heating power is from 3KW to 12KW. This cleaning machine is equipped with heating temperature controller. The power of water circulating pump is 10W (each parameter can be customized).

            Main Technical Parameter

            Model Ultrasonic Working Frequency Inner Size of Rinse Bath
            (L x W x H) (mm)
            Double-tank Standard
            1000W(Heating, Cycle Filtration)
            (can be chosed)
            Double-tank Standard
            1200W(Heating, Cycle Filtration)
            Double-tank Standard
            2000W(Heating, Cycle Filtration)
            Double-tank Standard
            3000W(Heating, Cycle Filtration)




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