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            Double-chain drive (pneumatic stepping)


            Application site of Electronic pneumatic stepping machine at Wuxi Panasia

              ·Simultaneously satisfy demand of cleanliness and cleaning capacity of customer
              ·In combination with characteristics of high cleanliness of multiple-stage cleaning and large automatic conveying capacity of double-chain drive mechanism, simultaneously satisfy requirement of cleanliness and cleaning capacity of customer
              ·The work piece enters into each cleaning tank through double-chain drive with simultaneous conveying of each station and adjustable cleaning time. The work piece basket frame will be cleaned with multiple cleaning procedures, finally conveyed to discharge outlet and placed on the discharge roller automatically, thus a whole cleaning process completes.
              ·The cleaning procedures can be procedures or procedures combination of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing spraying cleaning, rinsing, compressed air bubbling, drying, high temperature steeping, hot air drying, oil and phosphate treatment etc.
              ·In combination with conditions of customer’s work piece, adopt micro cleaning mechanism to improve cleaning efficiency of work piece (the pneumatic conveying mechanism can be adopted in accordance with actual condition of customer).




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