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              Dongyuan company is a professional manufacturer cooperated with a Hongkong company which is engaged in the surface treatment of cleaning, polishing, deburring, finishing, shot blasting, etc. The company is located at Wuxi city on the side of beautiful Taihu Lake.

              We have great ability to design, manufacture, research and develop machines and possess a machine fine finishing center. We can made all kinds of non-standard equipment in accordance with particular requirements of customers. We have high-level products, excellent design and manufacturing engineering and perfect after-sales service. Our products cover all over the country and also export to U.S.A., Japan, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

              In the factory there are all types of technological laboratory room which can meet the requirement of field test.

              Under the company, it have several filiales such as abrasive material, abrasive liquid, brightening agent, container die-casting, PU liner, motor, etc.

              The company will always adhere to the principle of “not having the best, only for the better” and the tenet of “with the quality for existence, with the technology for development”. We sincerely welcome customers both at home and abroad to cooperate with us for mutual development.

              Usage range: all kinds of parts of automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, compressor, internal combustion engine, engine, sewing machine, camera, lighter, machine tool, such as gear, hydraulic pneumatic component, oil pump & nozzle tip, needle, blade, die-casting, casting, precision casting, machine workpiece, hold device, bearing, air intake, valve, valve element, valve piece, chain, spring, glass frame, wind instruments, recording movement, textile machine, powder metallurgy, lock making parts, electroplating parts, carburetor, vibration isolator, watch and clock parts, device & instrument, electrical instruments, electrical components, general hardware, medical apparatus, dishware, cutter, toy, penpoint, decoration, etc



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